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How to listen anonymously?

What's the purpose of this blog?

“Having evidence of being wronged does not stop you from being judged as in the wrong.” ― Sara Ahmed, Complaint!

After reading Complaint! by Sara Ahmed, I could not stop thinking about everything this book talks about regarding the institutional obstacles faced by individuals seeking redressal for their complaints. The one thing that kept nagging me throughout this reading is how little effort is put into maintaining the anonymity of the person complaining, even though complaint redressal is a big problem since I have been dabbling into research in applied cryptography and private machine learning, I wanted to see if there are ways we can work on systems that might be able to allow the complaints to be registered as well as not compromise the anonymity of the user. This might also aid in collective action since a lot of people can sign on to the grievance without worrying about their identity being compromised. Let's see how that goes; this is still in the initial thinking phases. This blog will explore the progress and research journey for this problem statement. Possible things to expect with this problem

  • Posts about things I learn about, like Multi-Party Computation (MPC), Private Information Retrieval (PIR), Private Machine Learning, Complaint Readdressal systems and Motivation

  • Technicalities for certain protocols and their working and going through details about primitives for privacy and anonymity

  • Research Progress, Milestones, Reflections and Learnings!

About me!

I am Meghana, a Master's Student researching at Trustworthy Information Systems Lab at ETS Montreal. I have previously worked in Machine Learning and am now really excited to research in areas like Applied Cryptography, Private ML and Privacy.

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